We’ll meet with you to start the creation of your website from scratch. Working side by side to get your website exactly how you imagined it.

Website Updates

Want to add new content to your website? Just email us what’s needed and we’ll get it done. Most requests are completed in less than 24 hours.


Top-quality hosting keeps your site online and performing at its best. Our enterprise-level WordPress Hosting is included and based right here in West Michigan.

Daily Cloud Backups

You can feel secure knowing your websites and data are backed up. Our reliable, consistent cloud backup service keeps you covered at all times.

Software Updates

You don’t need to worry about constant updates. We handle all updates to the WordPress Core, Official Themes, and Plugins.

Uptime Monitoring

A website is no good if it is not available online. We keep an eye on your websites and send an instant notification if a site goes down so you can get it back online before anyone else notices.


Malware Scans

Malware can hide on your website for months without you even noticing. You need to be vigilant, proactive and check regularly for malware and known vulnerabilities. Our Security Check takes care of that for you.



All code and database assets are your property and a full backup copy of those assets can be requested at any time.

Performance Scans

A slow website does a lot of damage to your business. Our scans let you benchmark your site speed regularly so you can react promptly if something goes wrong.


Daily, Weekly, Monthly emailed user traffic reports including geo IP data about visitors to the website including referral sources, location, and other info.


Website evaluated on a regular basis for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) making sure best practices are being met through the website.

Mobile Friendly

Website will be built and reviewed regularly to make sure it is “Responsive” and friendly for mobile devices which 75% of visitors use. 

Website Management - Creation - Hosting

We own the servers here in our West Michigan data center. So we can do things other hosting cannot. We specialize specifically in Wordpress hosting, for speed, optimization, security, backups, updates, reporting, and many other best of breed practices.

Social Media Management

We can help you grow your social media following and business connections. We'll work with you to get your brand noticed and your audience/customers growing.


Looking to bring more traffic to your website? We can help with data driven SEO, Social Media, and Marketing Campaigns. We'll work with you to establish an effective budget that suits your needs.